Bloodhound Supersonic Car 2014

Al is a sponsor and composer of soundtrack music for an iconic project, based in Bristol UK:

Bloodhound Supersonic Car
The UK's World Land-speed Record Bid - 1000mph
Bid to take place in South Africa's Hakskeen Pan Desert - 2014.

Click the Pic and watch the "1000mph Race" short film. (Duration 2.47)
The Bloodhound SSC mission is to open-source all technologies developed, and inspire a new generation of engineers in the UK and worldwide.
At a time when innovative engineering is increasingly vital to help meet the challenges facing our planet, Bloodhound SSC is revolutionising technology, and helping pave the way for new invention.

The Bloodhound project is closely followed by the BBC, with regular updates on its science strand
Bang Goes The Theory.

Visit the Bloodhound SSC site here.
Millions of hits on this site have been recorded in recent weeks.