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'..I wanted to say how seriously impressed I am with the earthMusic library and how it works. It's been thought out by someone who really understands the edit process and its needs. The library fitted perfectly, and by careful use of the elements you provide, it feels like the music has been specially written. You have a convert here!!!...'  Steve Nicholls - multi award winning producer for the BBC, and CEO of Hooded Crow Pictures.

'.. a great library and very easy to search around..'  Andy Chastney - BAFTA award winning Film Editor -
Frozen Planet, Human Planet, Planet Earth.

‘.. spot-on music…exquisite, always unexpected, subtle and beautiful.’  Chris Jordan - Director - ALBATROSS

earthMusic - a short playlist of some tracks in the library.

earthMusic - some selected tracks

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What On Earth?

earthMusic is an original music library from RTS nominated composer Al Lethbridge.
It is intended for the use of natural history, science and adventure filmmakers, and the creators of human stories of all kinds.

The library is available to audition at 
Please contact me for all licensing enquiries, these will vary depending on which territory you are based. We have agents covering the UK and most of Europe, and we issue licenses directly for the rest of the world.

earthMusic has featured in many prime-time TV series and films.
Here is a selection of recent credits:

Top Gear  - BBC1
I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here - ITV
The Sky At Night - BBC4
The One Show - BBC1
Good Morning Britain - ITV
Panorama Special: Back To The Falklands: Brothers In Arms  - BBC1 
Wonder Bugs - Smithsonian Channel
Mountains: Life At The Extreme - BBC2
Trust Me I'm A Doctor - BBC2
Naked and Marooned with Ed Stafford - Discovery
Getting High For God - BBC1
The Return Of Sangai - Sangai Film Festival India 
The Getaway Car - BBC1
Can't Touch This  - BBC1
The Lake District: A Wild Year - BBC2
ALBATROSS - Feature Doc - USA
Mexico: Earth's Festival Of Life - BBC2 May 
Nature's Wildest Weapons: Horns Tusks And Antlers - Natural World - BBC2
Tribes Predators And Me - with Gordon Buchanan - BBC2 
Columbia - with Simon Reeve - BBC2
Wild Argentina (working title - TX TBA National Geographic)
Frontier Borneo (10 x 30) - Discovery Channel  
Wild Ireland: The Edge Of the World - BBC2
Natural World - Jaguars: Brazil's Super Cats - BBC2 and National Geographic 
Whites v Blacks: How Football Changed a Nation (with Adrian Chiles) - BBC2
Vienna: Empire, Dynasty and Dream (with Simon Sebag-Montifiore) - BBC4
Robson Crusoe: A Surprising Adventure - ITV
New Zealand: Earth's Mythical Islands - BBC2 
Islands In Time - A Wildlife Odyssey - Terra Mater for National Geographic. 
Islands in a Desert Sea - EarthTouch  for National Geographic 
World's Wildest City: Anchorage - National Geographic
City In The Sky - BBC2/PBS
Earth's Seasonal Secrets - BBC1 
Patagonia - Earth's Secret Paradise - BBC2
Countdown to Life - The Extraordinary Making Of You (international version) - BBCWW
Gogglebox - Ch4
Ed Stafford - Marooned - Discovery (90 million viewers worldwide)
Castro's Secret Reef: The Caribbean's Last Frontier - Smithsonian Channel and Nat Geo Worldwide
India: Nature's Wonderland - BBC2
Britain's Medieval Vampires - Secret History - More4
Secrets Of the Dead - Vampire Legend WNET Thirteen
Life In The Air - BBC1 And PBS
The Secret Rules Of Modern Living : Algorithms - BBC4
Manas: Return Of The Giants - Ammonite Films for EarthTouch 
Blitz Cities (with John Humphries) - BBC1
From Wales To Patagonia: A Musical Journey BBC1
Japan : Earth's Enchanted Islands BBC2
Colour -The Spectrum of Science - BBC4 and PBS
Natures's Greatest Dancers - BBC1
Kill The Christians - This World - BBC2
Patagonia with Huw Edwards- BBC1/BBC4
Ebola Diary - CNA
Chasing Perfection - Ch4
Pour Un Meillure Monde - TV3 France
Eastern Himalaya - Ancient Risks - Future Threats - campaign film by Nat Geo Explorer Sandesh Kadur.
Reflections of an Underwater Cameraman - Short
Alaska: Earth's Frozen Kingdom - BBC2
Britain's Tudor Treasure - A Night At Hampton Court - BBC4
Dogs, Chains And Chaos -  Multistory
Uganda's Elephants: The Real Story - Uganda Wildlife Foundation
30 Days Wild - Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust
Antarctica. - Discover The World
Diving El Hierro's Submarine Volcano - Geomar 
Serengeti - Panasonic

What They Say:

'..great music, and lovely to have it as an antidote to other over-saturated music libraries!..'  John Steventon - film editor - City In the Sky - BBC2

‘..  this wonderful library..’  Martin Elsbury - award winning film editor - Planet Earth, Blue Planet.

‘ .. edgy, and contemporary.. a vital extra voice in the storytelling process..’  -
 Darren Flaxtone award winning film editor - River Monsters, Wild China, Madagascar.

" always it's such a pleasure to work with your music! There is something that makes it easy to mix in with everything. It was a really enjoyable mix.."  Richard Lambert - Senior Dubbing Mixer at Films@59  (re- Castro's Secret Reef - the score for this film is made up entirely of earthMusic tracks) 

“.. lovely mesmeric sounds..'' Sally Cryer - Producer/Director, BBC Natural History Unit, Countryfile, The One Show.

“ Al Lethbridge is an incredibly versatile & talented musician. He’s written the music for a number of our shows and always produces fantastic scores. We’ve also used his extensive music library which has been another very good way to work with his music. I’d thoroughly recommend working with him.”  - Sarah Cunliffe - executive producer and CEO Big Wave Prods.

'..just to say it’s a lovely library !..'  Dave Birch - Audio Manager EarthTouch

' I muse now and again on what a nightmare it would have been trying to source the music from Audio Network. Your music has been a terrific asset in the edit. It means we can open up space and look at those amazing stills and landscapes. The execs loved the score and waxed lyrical about the combination of Welsh tunes and Latin American instruments.
Many thanks to you. We really did get something unique from your collection.' 
John Parker - Film Editor - Patagonia with Huw Edwards - BBC1

‘ have some absolutely amazing tracks!.. Katrina Costello - Director -The Silver Branch (75 minute Doc Feature for Sea Fever Productions)

‘..I downloaded your library and it's such a pleasure to browse through the tracks (which usually is quite a tedious task). The diversity is amazing and I just wanted to thank you for creating this.. Mayank Susngi - Film Editor - On the Brink (Animal Planet) - Delhi