From BBC scores for Sir David Attenborough films, to composing the music for many critically acclaimed and award winning documentaries, Al has gained a reputation for unique and emotionally charged work.

A classically trained guitarist who works with sought after musicians and cutting edge electronica, he creates haunting soundworlds for our time. 


Chris Jordan's extraordinary film ALBATROSS is released worldwide June 8th 2018. " ..In the heart of the great Pacific, a story is taking place that may change the way you see everything.."  My earthMusic and Universal collections have provided much of the score.
“Albatross is a spiritual experience that transcends the medium of film.”  Joanna Macey - author                                                                           

I've been nominated at the International Music And Sound Awards for the Albatross trail music. The tracks are from my album 'Inspiring Worlds' 
The trail has so far clocked 17 million views. 

'My God, but this is sad, beautiful and brilliant..'  George Monbiot - writer www.monbiot.com

 '..Al, he is a shaman and his healing energy is playing gorgeously in my film..there is definitely some kind of major magic going on there..'  Chris Jordan - director.

 'Al - congratulations and thanks for your work..'  Dr. Robert Macfarlane - writer, Senior Lecturer, Emmanuel College, Cambridge. 

'.. It looks fantastic and your music is perfect … I challenge anyone to see and hear this without a tear in the eye . Well done Al, congratulations on a marvellous project. Just wanted to touch base and give you all our love and respect for this.'   Guy Fletcher OBE - Chairman of PRS For Music 2011-2017.

Islands In Time: A Wildlife Odyssey

My soundtrack album for National Geographic's multi-award winning 2018 series is now on release - iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.

My soundtrack album for National Geographic's multi-award winning 2018 series is now on release - iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.


                                                                   Click the pic and view the official trail


The acclaimed and award-winning documentary THE PEACEMAKER, opened in New York at Cinema Village on Friday, February 9, 2018  - LA in March, San Francisico in April, all ahead of a wider release.  It's a New York Times Critic's Pick.

About the film:
THE PEACEMAKER follows international peacemaker Padraig O'Malley, who helps make peace for others but struggles to find it for himself.  The film takes us from Padraig's isolated life in Cambridge, Massachusetts to some of the most dangerous crisis zones on Earth – from Northern Ireland to Kosovo, Nigeria to Iraq over five years – as he works a peacemaking model based on his recovery from addiction.  We meet Padraig in the third act of his life in a race against time to find some kind of salvation for both the world and himself.

"..The Peacemaker was hands down the best film I saw at Sheffield Doc Fest... a film that elegantly covers the geopolitical, the intimate and everything in between.."  Robert J Hunter - Grierson Trust DocLab

'..a deeply moving portrait of its truly admirable, complex subject.."  The Hollywood Reporter

'..heartbreakingly poetic..'  Toronto Film Scene

'..Love this trailer and can't wait to see the whole film .... Thanks for sending it to me ...... Beautiful score !! ' Guy Fletcher OBE - Chairman PRS For Music 2011-2017

The Peacemaker was mixed by Joe Milner at Puget Sound Post, Los Angeles - housed in the historic Del Mar Theatre, West Hollywood.
' Your score sounds fantastic and has been a real pleasure to mix. Bravo, Maestro!!!!!..'
Joe Milner (Das Boot, 8 Mile, Last Days In Vietnam - Puget Soundpost, Los Angeles)


From wildlife to science fiction, history to horror, I've scored the music for a multitude of films.

High-profile shows include the BBC's ground-breaking adventure series Beyond Boundaries, Ch4's Day Of The Kamikaze (nominated for a Grierson and winner of a New York Gold), Anatomy For Beginners (winner of two RTS Awards), and Nuremburg: Goering's Last Stand, winner of the prestigious Hugh Weldon Award (BAFTA).

Wildlife projects include: Islands In Time: A Wildlife Odyssey - the multi-award winning 2018 series for National Geographic, and outstanding films for the BBC's Natural World strand:  Jaguars: Brazil's Supercat, narrated by Sir David Attenborough, Andrea: Queen Of Mantas, (winner of ten international awards), Orangutans: The Great Ape Escape,  The Dolphins Of Shark Bay, and Empire Of the Desert Ants, narrated by Andy Serkis and nominated for a Royal Television Society Best Music Award

Prime-time series for the BBC include: Precision: The Measure Of All Things, (Presenter - Prof. Marcus De Sautoy), Around The World In 80 Days, (celebs - various), Wilderness Explored (an across the board critics choice), and Pacific Abyss - a BBC first, a series that filmed a diving expedition during which unknown species of fish and strange creatures were discovered in the deep Pacific. (Presenters - Kate Humble, Mike De Gruys).

I have recorded many albums for Universal Production Music, and run my own production music label - earthMusic.

I work from my studio in Bristol, United Kingdom, and from the nine meter boat I sail with my wife, filmmaker Jenny Jones.


' One of my favourite composers, and a fantastic guitarist..'   
 Guy Fletcher OBE - Chairman of PRS For Music 2011- 2017.   


' One of our busiest film and television composers, Al's music is fresh, exciting, and heartfelt.
His scores display a powerful narrative intelligence, and he has a special talent for writing hauntingly beautiful
Richard Paine -  Director of Commercial Rights and Business Affairs at Faber Music - my very nice publisher :))